Wholesome Foods

Why Two Wholesome Bakers ?

Delicious Sweet and Savory bakery products or boring healthy food? It’s not exactly a tough choice! But who says you need to compromise on taste and flavor to eat a wholesome and nutritious treat? And who said it has to be boring? We didn’t! Laden with good calories, organic and high protein flours, mouth-melting flavors and gut-friendly bacteria, we at Two Wholesome Bakers, are constantly innovating to give our customers access to healthy bread recipes, organic breads, sugar free bakery products, gluten free bakes, wholesome bagels & highly popular sourdough breads.

A perfect blend of taste and nutrition, wholesome for us is absolutely delectable and versatile food which is good for you, so you can strike-off a host of things from your ‘forbidden’ food list! We are deeply passionate and creatively-driven to constantly find new ways and recipes that are wholesome without compromising your taste buds, after all, ‘YOLO’!

Handcrafted with love, precision, and patience to perfect every bake, passion to food-novate and infused with wholesome ingredients and some amazing flavors, we bake a variety of rustic - artisan sourdough and Italian bread, wholesome loaves, indulging baked savories (both in regular & sourdough), naturally sweetened & wholegrain Tea Cakes, Cookies, Muffins & basically anything for your sweet tooth, just healthier, nutritious, and some cases even Gluten-free.

And to top it all (quite literary ) we have home-made small-batch spreads and butter. 

Everything we serve is made using naturally grown, freshly available, and organically produced ingredients. This gives our bakes that beautiful flavour, overwhelming texture, and most of its WHOLESOME nutrition. Not to forget no preservatives or improvers or artificial flavors are entertained in our kitchen :) - just pure organic & natural bakery products from finest bakery around.

Next time you feel curious about how breads are made the right way or wondering about which is the best bakery near me - do order and we will be happy to serve you the freshest of organic breads, gluten free products, & a fabulous collection of organic muffins, cakes & desserts.

We are dedicated to enriching your experience with our quality offerings and delivering to your doorstep across NCR and hope that you enjoy our wholesome approach to baking!

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